About Me

I am ascending Data Scientist with domain expertise in communication networks. Since data is agnostic to industry classification, I can use my data analytics skills to help most commercial and non profit organizations. I am always on the lookout for interesting/challenging opportunities to work on so feel free to contact me. At the bottom of every page are my contact details. Check out the rest of my profile below.

My Resume

Professional: I have spent the better part of the last couple of decades developing, supporting, implementing and selling communication software and hardware solutions. I have seen the industry evolve from hardware driven to software driven, and now entering the data driven age with Internet of Things leading the way. I had exposure to global customer base with varied challenges, cultures and industries.

Entrepreneur: Along the way, I was lucky to have had my own startups with varied success. My last company, antexusolutions, primarily delivered advanced IP based safety and security solutions using Cisco and VMware product portfolio. Although it didn’t make it past 3.5 years, the experience has given me a valuable exposure that can only be gained when the rubber meets the road.

Data Analytics: I had the privilege of contributing to one of the earliest (2007-2010) commercial data analytics product for a fortune 50 company that rolled out Intelligence Platform Analysis to help customers progress to higher level of operational efficiency. The product, which was fueled purely by data, collected a set of macro level indicators and generated a disruption index, like FICO score, that measured customers operational effectiveness and provides benchmark comparisons for products, peers, and industry segment. Keep an eye on my blog because I certainly hope to share some of my software codes and, solutions to real problems as well as web based products I have developed in the past year and those I will be developing in the coming months and years. I will also share some tidbits that maybe helpful to others.

Personal: I have three kids (two of them teenagers). Until the age of 16 I grew up in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. Migrated to US where I completed my high school and college in Washington, DC. I claim both Addis and DC as my hometown. I now live in Fairfax County, Virginia a suburb of Washington DC.


  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.
  • I have Completed 9 of the 10 Data Science specialization certificate course from John Hopkins University on Coursera (04/2016). The courses include from getting/cleaning data to analyzing and developing consumable web applications.
  • I was also one of the first few Cisco certified Internetwork Experts. Attained in 1999.

Hobby: I played varsity soccer for my high school and college. Earning athletic scholarship for a college team. I enjoy hiking and taking nature pictures, play a round of golf and long distance running.


  • Over the years I've provdded mentorship to several young professionals and students giving them guidance, training and internship opportunities in my startups.
  • Help my church with technology adaption that helps to improve service.