Interactive Data Visualization With Leaflet

On this blog I will use the Leaflet, “an open source JavaScript library used to build [interactive] mapping applications.” To plot the 1,000,000 geocodes from the New York Taxi commission... <meta name="author" content="Abiyu Giday... [Read More]

A Million Geocode Data Visualization With Ggplot2

When it comes to data visualization, the more data we have to work with, the clearer the visual communication becomes. Plotting few hundred, even few thousand data points on spatial map renders a fuzzy visual depending on... <meta... [Read More]

Web Application For Predictiv Model

After developing a model from important variables and statistical models, operationalizing the model allows organizations gain consistent access to the built in intelligence. Embeding the model in a web application gives consistent access to the intelligence orgainzation wide. ... [Read More]

Predictive Modeling V1

Conditional probability tells us how to update our belief in light of a new evidence that comes in. On this blog, I will cover how we can use statistical regression analysis to predict an outcome that can... <meta... [Read More]